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Renewable Energy provides solutions to unstable oil prices and issues addressed in the Framework Convention on Climate Change. 

Offshore wind power generation is a new and renewable energy field designed as an alternative to onshore wind power. Offshore resolves issues of onshore wind power like limitations regarding installation sites, noise caused by large turbines, visual objections, technical challenges, and high cost. Nevertheless, it attracts attention in the new energy market because of its large capacity and stable wind. 

As a company specializing in new and renewable energy (wind energy), CGO promotes offshore wind technology within Korea and beyond. Continuous research and projects, along with exchanges and partnerships with European offshore wind power companies will strengthen our local offshore wind power business. 

CGO is the only company in Korea that has the experience and expertise of constructing commercial offshore wind farms.

Consulting for Wind Power Generator Construction

Jacket and Wind Turbine Construction

Equipment Management and Transporation

Foundation Structure Design, Analysis, Production

Submarine Communication Power Cable Burial, Laying and Installation of Protection

Facility Maintenance

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