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CGO provides all purchasing, manufacturing, and transportation services for various types of offshore facilities such as offshore platforms, TLPs, and floating offshore structures through partnerships with domestic and overseas specialized companies.

​Based on years of offshore construction experience and know-how, we are able to find the most suitable company for the customer's needs through the Vendor Database. We acknowledge that the cost of such business is time-sensitive, so we guarantee the minimization of delivery time and optimization of quality through our "Procurement Status Control System". 


CGO strives for zero defects by manufacturing and constructing products suitable for the project in accordance with international standards (ISO, ASTM, API, etc.) and WPS, manufacturing carefully selected quality products through assembly and construction.

During the Tamra Offshore Wind Power Complex construction, we successfully completed Korea's first commercial wind turbine and substructure installation by receiving an order for jacket and wind turbine installation.


We are carrying out the Daejeong Offshore Wind Power Complex project with the experience accumulated from constructing the Tamra Offshore Wind Power Complex.


CGO is the only company in Korea with experience in constructing commercial offshore wind power complexes.


  • purchasing materials for offshore structures (SPM, FSO, FPSO)

  • anchors, chains, submersible hoses, bearing valves, etc.


  • manufacturing of marine facility

  • manufactring base structure for offshore wind power

  • PLEM, PLEM protector

  • self-diving system 


  • land & sea transportation

  • packaging and binding 

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