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QA/QC (Quality Management)

CGO strives to provide services with the highest quality, safety, and reliability.

QA/QC Management Policy 


- Thorough Quality Control and Quality Assurance
- Prioritize customer satisfaction and social development by practicing quality management
- Zero defects through Quality Assurance activities
- Continue to develop new technologies and new construction methods through R&D
- Familiarize and be aware of quality assurance procedures

Quality Management System


- Quality management system planning and feasibility study
- Design and 
- Construction, supervision, and delivery
- Evaluation and approval
- Vigilance
- ISO9001 certified and compliant

HSE (Health and Safety)

CGO prioritizes human rights and the value of coexistence with nature.

We operate in a systematic and sustainable HSE system of international standards for all products and services.

HSE Management Policy 


- Compliance with relevant laws and regulations
- Evaluate all risk factors
- Arrangement of professional personnel for training and supervision necessary for HSE

- Provision of efficient and suitable resources to implement HSE objectives
- Smooth communication and collection of opinions between employees on all related matters
- Regular diagnosis of HSE system, practice of continuous improvement
- Disease-free, accident-free, and pollution-free work environment 



  • workplace assessment 

  • work environment improvement

  • employee health check 



  • Work Environment Risk Preliminary Assessment

  • Active Safety Guidelines

  • thorough Pre-education for all workers

  • ​continuous safety management and     Monitoring 



  • ISO 14001 certified and compliant

  • Development of environmentally friendly technology

  • ​Minimization of environmental pollutants




ABS_Materials and Welding 1

ABS_Materials and Welding 2

ABS_Survey After Construction


BV_Rules for the Classification of Offshore Units (Part A)

BV_Rules for the Classification of Offshore Units (Part B)

DNV_Rules for Classification of Diving System


IMCA_Guidance on BST and VI for NPWO

IMCA_Guidance on Drug and Alcohol Policies_Breath Testing

IMCA_Guideline for the Use of EPI

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