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Marine Engineering Lab

The research center of CGO contributes to the advancement of domestic maritime industry technology through a number of patents and research activities. In 2010, CGO was registered with the Ministry of Knowledge Economy Renewable Energy (Offshore Energy) and has been working hard to develop technology for the advancement of offshore wind power in Korea.

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Creative and endeavoring R&D

We carry out research activities in various fields such as port development plans, the development of specialized installation ships for efficient offshore construction, and the development of wind turbine installation technology.

  • Marine engineering technology development

  • joint research


  • comprehensive management and solution consulting for Offshore projects

  • bidding, contracts, negotiations, insurance, joint projects, etc.


  • structural analysis and design of offshore structures

  • comprehensive analysis of marine environmental factors

  • subsea geological survey analysis


  • new marine technology, repair and reinforcement materials, construction method

  • deep sea installation 

  • resource exploration

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